LINQ Presentation

Ever worked with an existing system’s database and struggled to make sense of it all? A deep understanding of the data schema you’re tackling takes time to develop, but it’s invaluable for successfully navigating the application. Because developers have had to work with one tool to explore and understand the database and another to develop the code, the new capabilities of integrating query into the language known as LINQ will make your development efforts far more effective. By treating the database and its schema as objects and taking advantage of Intellisense that we use for other objects, LINQ promises to revolutionize how developers work with data.

Visual Studio (code name “Orcas”) provides an innovative and powerful way to manipulate data by treating objects in the IDE as full citizens. The Language Integrated Query (LINQ) enables developers to consistently control data with language extensions and perform data access using new data design surfaces. Queries can correlate data living in database tables as well as CLR object collections with full Intellisense. Visual Studio “Orcas” makes the creation of data-driven Web sites more productive, more efficient and much easier with its deep support for incorporating .NET language integrated query (LINQ to SQL) into ASP.NET Web applications.

In this session, you’ll learn the architecture of LINQ and the C# and Visual Basic extensions for writing queries within the development tool you’re already comfortable with. After this dynamic event, you’ll leave with a solid understanding of how LINQ gives you the power to query anything.


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