corporate restructuring?

corporate restructuring?

Postby WildChild » Thu Oct 28, 2010 8:12 am

So one day you were asked by the owner of your company to be the commander-in-chief of the whole operations because it is losing money. The owner will act as the President of the company, while u make things work out for the bottom line.

But the company hires a lot of expatriates, getting salaries double what u can pay a local, if u uses one. Who will you keep?

1. Will you keep the expat guy who does import-export management, or will you hire a local to do it? Can import-export management be done at a local level? meaning, run and managed by local staff?

2. Will you keep the expat girl who does purchases, or get a local of the country to do the purchasing?

3. Will you keep the expat HR girl, or let a local do her job?

4. Will you keep the expat girl who sign cheques, or you will let a local do the signings?

Expatriate salaries is double the local salary, plus expats get free board and lodgings, and a 6 month bonus.
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