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I need help with this money issue... I dont know what to do!?

PostPosted: Tue Dec 07, 2010 5:55 am
by Susan
I had my car insurance payment ($117), my payment for my "No Insurance" (cuz I couldnt afford it) traffic tickets (that I couldn't afford to pay off when I got THEM), another $320, and I took a title loan out on my car to put new tires on ($400) since mine were smoother than a baby's bottom and very dangerous to drive on; ALL fall on the same week. I've already filed 2 extensions at $100 each to extend the loan, but now I need to pay it off. I have NO money left after my other 2 payments. I have a full time job but I don't get paid much. I need the $500 by Saturday, and have no family who can loan it to me, and no friends willing since they are all tight themselves. What can I do?!? PLEASE help, I CANT lose my car!! Its how I get to work and see my GF.
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