Should I extent my contract with my real state agent?

Should I extent my contract with my real state agent?

Postby sam » Thu Oct 07, 2010 6:06 am

I put my house on market for sell 3 month ago. We didn’t get any offer for first month and my agents insisted we should get down our price. We decreased our price $15000.

Again in last 2 months we didn’t get any offer except one 3 days ago that offered $10000 lower than our price. Our agent tried to push us for selling our house with that price. We came to $6000 lower than reduced price but buyer didn’t agree and she wants 10000 lower.

We didn’t accept. Our agent was so mad and asked us if we are going to extent our contract. On that moment we said no. because we felt she just thinks about her commission not our benefit.

This Saturday our is our contract target date. I called her today see what is the plan and she didn’t pick her phone. What should we do?
Should we extent our contract or forget about selling our house or….

Please help.
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