paypal fraud (cash on collection)?

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paypal fraud (cash on collection)?

Postby nexus_567 » Fri Oct 08, 2010 10:38 am

i would like to sue paypal.

i agreed to sell a mobile phone that was advertised on ebay but stated in the auction that i would only accept cash on collection or paypal before collection, anyway the the buyer rang me and we both agreed a price of £450.00, so i gave him my email and he paid asap! so i then gave him my address he sent a friend to collect the phone and off they went.

we both agreed to do the deal outside of ebay as the item had bids on it so i could not activate a "buy it now"

24hrs later paypal freeze the payment as they think it is fraudulent and state that unless the buyer contacts paypal to clarify that it WAS the Buyer that paid for the phone the money will only then be released back in to my paypal account, if the buyer doesn't respond within 8-10 days then the payment will be reversed back to the buyer.and gets to my very expensive phone as well as the money!!!

this is crazy as paypal them selves are aiding the fraud, paypal had took it upon themselves to freeze the money it has nothing to do with buyer putting a claim in, paypals system auto flagged it as it was a high amount.

i have emailed the buyer a millions times but no response as he must know that if he stays quiet then the payment will be returned.

what a joke paypal is a total disgrace, and i will be taking them to small claims court!!

anyone else had a similar cash on collection experience????
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