why do people with a particular degree get a job doing something else?

why do people with a particular degree get a job doing something else?

Postby Un_Born » Fri Oct 29, 2010 5:15 am

Im sure you've seen it over and over, again and again. I've noticed at my work place (private high school) we have computer technicians with psychology degrees. We have Admission directors with business degrees, admins with sales marketing degrees

I know a few people with physical therapist degrees that work in the real estate business.I can go on and on.

One time i talked to an individual who said, "i have a degree in communications, at my work, they never once asked me to show proof of my degree, in fact i know 2 people that do not have degrees and are working positions that require a degree but they simply lied about it on their profile, but these people have strong personality and always get the job done as best as they can with great work ethic"

Someone once told me most jobs dont care what youre degree is in, they just care that your able to start and complete a task.

What is up with this phenomenon? I have my High School diploma and currently enrolled at a community college trying to transfer to a state school. But now that i think about it all the jobs ive worked requrieda HS diploma, ive never onced showed proof, is this what its like with a CAREER job? Why not just BS a resume and apply for a job even if it requires a degree?
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