For people in sales business.........?

For people in sales business.........?

Postby dokomo » Mon Oct 04, 2010 9:20 am

Hi, I am not a professional salesman, but got ask you few questions...

1) Do you get nervous when the customer comes to you and tend to talk too much rather than listening to their need since your final objective is "profit" ?

2) When you finally make a sales and transaction were done, do you sometime feel "cheated" ?

3) when do you say NO to the deal in this tough economy when you have to sell ?

Selling could be anything (personal estate or real estate, selling things on eBy, Craig's list, etc).

Thank you so much.
well, I just sold a high end exercise equipment which original retail price was $800. My asking price was $450. Then my buyer negotiated with me down to $375. Over the phone / eMail, he sounded very polite and submissive, when he showed up, i realized he was a Realtor. He took my equipment, and I felt like he could have paid for my asking price..
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