Self-Financing Approach to Information management

Self-Financing Approach to Information management

Postby reddin37 » Wed Oct 06, 2010 8:47 am

Development and implementation of information system for low-cost housing cannot be entirely self-supporting financially. However, the self-financing approach could be taken advantage of to some extent by obtaining advertisement support, sale of information material and other fiscal concessions.

Many of the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) are finding the going tough mainly due the lack of funds and financial support from the government and from other funding sources. Most people now look upon the NGOs that are active in the housing development sector with suspicion. Due to the lack of proper accounting practices, their statement of accounts is not at all proper. By calling themselves Non-Profit Institutions, these agencies have been making phenomenal profits from consultancy and also through other outsourced work.

Instead of relying on government grants, the self-financing approach must be given the nod. While agencies like the Ford and Rockefeller Foundation do not have any paucity of funds to fund various projects, it is a pity that many of the NGOs active in the state are actually begging at various forums to meet their immediate needs.

To develop apartments in Kerala, these NGOs have been able to make fewer contributions so far. Apartment development is even now the prerogative of the rich real estate lobby, which has the guts to bend rules and regulations to meet their whims and fancies. No government has been able to rein in the real estate lobby so far.

The renowned architect Laurie Baker carried on his work mainly with assistances doled out by the general public and other interested organizations. This housing expert knew the pulse of the common people. Not only that, he was an upright man, who never made any profits out of the work done for the government.
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Re: Self-Financing Approach to Information management

Postby awanthika » Thu Oct 07, 2010 4:58 am

Low cost is ok as long as the housing concept is practical for each persons requirement.
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