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Question about Illinois Unemployment Benefits?

PostPosted: Fri Sep 24, 2010 10:10 am
by Martyna
I had applied for unemployment insurance on 8/20/10, the day I stopped working. I was entitled to 72 weeks of benefits @ 78.00 per week, per a consultation at the IDES office. This is including a dependent income @ 26.00 per week.

Now, my question is, it is now nearing the end of September. I have certified every week on Tuesday, as outlined in the paperwork they had sent. I have not received ANY benefits to date. When I called the IDES numbers, after hours of being put on hold, and explained my situation to an agent, they told me I am being further investigated and will not receive benefits until it's cleared.

What does this mean? I am in the system as a single mother who receives AllKids and SNAP benefits. Does this not relay over to them?! I have no money to even buy diapers and had to put up my car title to cover rent and everyday expenses. When can I expect to receive these benefits?

Self-help (joke)

PostPosted: Thu Oct 21, 2010 11:03 am
by premby056
I went into a bookstore the other day and asked the woman behind the counter where the self-help section was. She said, "If I told you, that would defeat the whole purpose." (note: "self-help" has two meanings 1) you take without paying 2) you can choose as you like)
[font=Arial]No [/font][font=Arial]money[/font][font=Arial] no way in real life,no [/font][font=Arial]gold[/font][font=Arial] no way in game![/font]