Health Insurance Coverage and Car Accidents?

Health Insurance Coverage and Car Accidents?

Postby carmella » Tue Dec 07, 2010 6:04 am

My friend's son, 13 y/o, got off a public passenger bus, crossed the street on the designated crosswalk before the bus could leave (son went around in front of the bus to cross the street). Son got hit by a car coming from left (same direction as the public bus). Ambulance transported him to hospital 1 which is not the hosp of their health insurance. Son eventually got transferred to their insurance hospital. Son is okay, no broken bones, only minor scrapes, scratches and bruises.

Before transport to hospital, police arrived and PO (police officer) ruled out that the son was at fault. The driver who hit him stopped and was very terrified.

1. Who has to pay for son's ambulance service?
2. Who will pay for the hospital procedures that was done (xray, ER use, dextrose among a few). Mom has full health insurance coverage through work.
3. Who has to pay for the driver (who hit the son) IN CASE she will need emotional therapy?
3. PO mentioned that the driver tried to stop at quite a good distance as evidenced by the skidmark. Although PO did not mention exact distance, could it be an indication that the driver was speeding?

Other details:
We are in California. Son was on his way home from school.

Thank you all.
Thank you all. My friend does not plan to sue the driver who hit the son. Mom was worried that the driver MIGHT make her pay for her emotional injuries that result from the accident. When that happens, she does not know where she should pull the money from: her can insurance co (but Mom's car was not involved)? her health ins? her HOA ins (they live in a townhouse, paying mortgage)?

The only car involved was the driver who hit the son. How will Mom's car insurance company cover the damages? Will they?
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