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What would you do if Cricket Communications double billed you and left your bank account NSF?

PostPosted: Tue Dec 07, 2010 7:40 am
by Cliff_P
I went online and saw the great deal Cricket Communications was offering for a Samsung Messager Touch...$189 with $50 rebate. It would be $45 per month and $5 for insurance (which would only cover 30-60% of damage). Total cost was $198.74 including taxes with free overnight delivery. I went for it.

3 days later I called them, they told me that I gave them an incorrect address....I live in an area called Kildeer, Illinois...I pointed that out repeatedly during my initial order because I have gone thru this issue before with a company run as well as this one...Circuit City. (WOW...CIRCUIT CITY/CRICKET COMMUNICATIONS...Both have CC initials and both have a suck-ass structure)

A bit down the road and snuggled up next to Kildeer is an area called Lake Zurich and a house there has my same address and zip code...just different towns...they delivered it to LZ. I pointed out the difference. They asked if I still wanted it, I said yes. They asked for my information again...I made sure I pointed out I did not want to be double billed, they assured me I wouldn't...I was.

Because of their double billing me my bank account at PNC became $85 overdrawn. I pointed it out to Cricket Communications...I was transferred to about 5 different people, all had normal American names like Bill, Steve, Lynn, Darwin and Matt. I could barely understand most of them. They were outsourced in India. They basically told me they couldn't do anything about the mistake that they made and I would have to wait until they felt they received their phone(s) back in good condition before they could authorize paying me my money back. My bank sent me a letter telling me that after 4 days I would be charged $7 per day up to $98 for insufficient funds.

I contacted the BBB. Filed a complaing and after receiving today's mail I e-mailed their San Diego office to point out I would need additional money for the money my bank was going to hit me with. They were kind enough to respond stating that they received my notice and would look into it.

Online you won't find an American address for Cricket Communications. BBB pointed out their address is:
5775 DTC Blvd., #400
Greenwood Village, CO 80111

Cricket Communications took $397.48 out of my checking account and left me overdrawn by $85. They will not assist me in any way. They seemed shocked when I decided I don't want anything to do with them and want my money back. Now they are acting like I am the one who did something wrong. The American nick-named outsourced India natives pointed out I have 14 days to pay for the shipping back to their offices...WHAT?????

They have left me overdrawn and instead of Cricket Communication accepting responsibility and handling this situation in an adult manner, I must come up with money to cover the cost to send the phone(s) back to them out of my own pocket while I am dealing with the fact they have illegally depleted my account and I can't afford a gallon of milk, much less gas for my vehicle.

I get paid bi-monthly...15th and EOM. What Cricket Communications just did was screwed me. I have an automatic payment bill thru Blockbuster for $25 that will be denied out of my overdrawn account on the 25th...Cricket Communications is in the process of totally messing my credit up. Cricket Communications is costing me money that I don't have. I have already contacted the Better Business Bureau...

I need to ask, who else can I contact? What Consumer Protection Agencies are out there to help?

And...what would you do if Cricket Communications did this to you?