Which law field is best for making a change in society?

Which law field is best for making a change in society?

Postby John » Thu Oct 28, 2010 8:49 am

I want to go to law school, and up until now ive wanted to do some form of corporate law since i am an accounting major. But now i am thinking that corporate law is kind of shallow and mostly money seeking. I really want to make a difference more than make some money.
Which form of law is most like philosophy? I've been reading a lot of plato and socrates lately and i really like it. A lot of the things they say in those books make good sense to me, but we dont live by them. What kind of law is most apt to making social reforms?
your help is appreciated
a great example for this may be the illegalization of flavoredd cigareetes in some states because they attract children. What field of law was responsible for the lobying of that movement and its implementation. I want to say criminal, but whenever i think criminal law i think of defending some criminal and working out of a jail, something im not tooo tooo excited about
no jennifer james
it does not
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