how should HR have handled this?

how should HR have handled this?

Postby Cecilia » Thu Oct 21, 2010 7:18 am

Say you go to HR to complain about a bosses aggressive harassment and she is sitting there with two others chit chatting and your visibly upset. But she never once gets out of the chair to talk to you privately. Then unannounced your boss is behind you as your making a verbal complaint. When he does make his presence known it's with a slide remark. Well you loose verbal control and call your Boss a not so pretty name and quit on the spot. But before you leave you make a written complaint out on Bosses behavior and had 2 witnesses on how everything lead up to this point before you went to HR, and that the boss was probably retaliating against you for turning him in for fraud a few weeks back. HR wrote a statement and 1 out of the 2 that where sitting with her also made a statement on what I called my Boss. But not once was my 2 witnesses ever questioned. I was called to come get my final pay and they would be looking into the other matter of his fraud. I wasn't gone a month when I was told by a few people that he was going to be fired. Almost 6 months to the day I quit, he was canned. I was denied unemployment and I never appealed. So many people said I should have fought for my rights. Deep in my heart I know I was setup by them and once I was out they went after my Boss. They let him go because of poor sales. The funny thing is sales went to hell after I quit and I was mentioned at a meeting how I was one of the top sale persons. Isn't that a comforting after thought. What would you have done is my question.

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