Citifinancial mortgage loan payment?

Citifinancial mortgage loan payment?

Postby Happi__ss » Tue Dec 07, 2010 6:25 am

Doest anyone else have this problem with mailing a payment in to Citifinancial address on the statement? Ok I just renewed my mortgage loan and combined in my taxes and insurance all is ok. My first payment is due on the 22nd of Sept and past due ten days after that. I get paid on the 15th and mailed the payment in on the 15th. Today (the 22nd) they call me at WORK wanting to know where the payment is I said I mailed it on the 15th by money order, cause for some strange reason there website wont let me make online payments with this new mortgage so I have to mail or go in person to pay it. Now the lady ask me to run a trace on the money order, WHAT its not due til today and I mailed it less than a week ago. She also stated to mail it to my local branch next time instead of the address on the statement, I understand that would get it there faster but why dont they put my local branch address on there then, why do I need to make another envelope to mail it why isn't the address on the statement ok? Of course they would prefer to draft each month from my account but I want to pay it in case I have troubles I won't get in a bind. Which after 4 years with them Ive never been in a bind. This isn't that big of a deal just annoying.
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