Will the money last for life, or should I stay in school (Long post)?

Will the money last for life, or should I stay in school (Long post)?

Postby The_Crypt_Keeper » Sat Sep 25, 2010 7:44 am

About a year ago, I inherited some land from my uncle. Six months later, I am contacted by an attorney from BP, there may be oil there and requested permission to investigate, which I granted.

Now, after paying the taxes, and buying my parents house so they can move to the country as they've always wanted, I have 5.9 Million in the bank.

What I've done is invest in two money Market accounts, one in Suntrust and one in BB&T since they currently have the highest interest rates currently at 1.25%.

The interest is yielded monthly and for the past few months I've been living off of that by transfering the interest from both accounts to my checking account at Suntrust, that leaves me with $52'185.00 per year after taxes on interest over 600.

I am currently comfortable and am putting a small amount away in order to add to my interest and hopefully outrun the rate of inflation so that I'll never have to touch the 5.9 million principal.

Now the economy is poor, and in the 1990s the average money market rates were 4.5% in which case I'd be making $185'000.oo a year after taxes. So my income is dependent on the market rates, but I don't anticipate rates going much lower, hopefully they will continue to increase.

So on face value I know that sounds like alot, but I'm only 20 years old so I easily have 50 Plus years left where I don't want to touch the principal.

As for my expenses:

I live in a two story, three bedroom house in Midlothian, Virginia. No Mortgage, paid in full. No car loan, that's paid for. My closest friend since childhood is co-owner. He's fairly wealthy himself. He had an inheritence a couple years ago and he just plays the stock market for a living and picks the right ones nmore than any man I know. So He lives here, as well as his girlfriend and my girlfriend. He and I split all the bills (We don't have to, but do.)

No credit card debt.

After bills and putting money away in savings, I'm keeping about $37K a year at this point, but hopefully as the economy improves, my interest rates will increase.

I will be meeting with a financial advisor soon. But from this information, should I just retire? Am I safe for life, and can I outrun the rate of inflation so I never have to draw the principal?
Another thing I'd like to mention. If interest rates double and I'm making 100K a year, I'll live like I'm making 75K and put the rest away. If interest goes to 1990s levels and I'm making 185k a year, I'll enjoy life but do it as if I were making 120K a year and put the other 65k away.

That's what I mean when I ask if I can outrun the rate of inflation.
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