real estate problem. any experts?

real estate problem. any experts?

Postby person » Mon Oct 04, 2010 8:22 am

i havent gotten any relevant or helpful answers to this question:

i filed a grievance on a realtor and his broker for charging us excessive fees in buying a home. these were fees that werent clearly explained. i complained to the local real estate association and they seem to think there may in fact be a violation of their ethics code by the realtors. now its going to a hearing and i'm not sure if its worth following through.

initially i wanted to put them through some inconvenience and hold them accountable to their peers. but now i'm being told that i will have to be in a room with them in the same way as if i was in a trial. i told myself this was only worth pursuing if i could do it all comfortably and easily. now we're talking about missing time from work and feeling the unease of having to deal with these individuals in a situation where, regardless of what happens, i wont get any financial compensation.

should i just drop this or push on and stick with the principal of holding these individuals accountable?

also, if i just dont show up, and they do, that will be another inconvenience which would be nice to put them through, but what will the committe say to me? i assume they'll just have to drop the whole thing, and couldnt penalize me in any way. is that a correct assumption?

i also want to make clear that the agents were the ones who acted wrongly and that this is a matter of whether or not its worth all the effort i have to put in for the principle of the thing.
i was charged service fees that were unreasonably high and never adequately explained by both the realtor and his office. the transaction was completed in the past and now its a question of whether or not the realtors behavior in not clarifying i'd have to pay the fees was unethical.
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