Our History...

The Second Life .Net Developers User Group was created by my now-retired alt, Toripod Pontoppidan, early in 2006. I started the group for a couple of reasons: (1) I wanted the title ".Net Developer" to appear over my avatar name, (2) I was looking to join an open community with other developers to do some networking, talk about our projects and share information & resources; however, nothing existed. There were a handful of closed/private groups for programmers of very specific languages and a bunch of LSL Scripting groups. So, I took matters into my own hands and started the group.

Eventually I grew tired of the stupid avatar name, Toripod Pontoppidan, and created a new avatar named Tori Lukas. I transferred over the group and was surprised to see that the group had grown to 200 members. During this time I received IMs from random group members asking about getting together for some user group type of activities in-world. This is something I had wanted to do since starting the group so I was happy to know that there was an interest.

The SL DN UG Today...

CSharp Writer, my co-pilot and friend, influenced me to take the group to the next step of setting regular meetings. After I spammed the entire group several times to figure out when the majority would be able to attend I finally got regular meetings set for every other Saturday at Noon. The future of SLDNUG looks very promising as CSharp, the Officers, and I have some exciting things planned for the group. Stay tuned...


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How to Join SL DN UG

Join the group by searching ".Net Developers" in the Groups tab in Second Life.