Linden Scripting/Models and ASP.NET Resources

Second Life Basics:
Second Life Website
Second Life Starter Guide
SLDNUG Facebook Group
SL Messenger
Notecard Giver Video

Second Life in Education:
101 Uses for Second Life in the College Classroom- Dr. Megan S. Conklin
Metaverse Whitepaper
Second Life for Educators Facebook Group
CTER Educational

Second Life in Business:
Business Guide
Business Review
Second Life Grid

Linden Scripting Resources: Sawyer Second Life Help
Beginners Script Guide
Advanced Script Guide
Heaton Research LSL Recipies
Detection and Movement in Second Life
LSL Wiki
Dr Dobbs Website
Dr. Dobbs Sim
LSL Offline Editor
Linden Scripting Facebook Group
Vehicle Script Guide
Scripters of Second Life In World Group
ASP.NET/Ajax Injected In World Group

ASP.NET Resources:
Microsoft Visual Studio Island Sim Sawyer
Is This Thing On-Zain Naboulsi
Microsoft Visual Studio Express
Codeplex Open Source Project-SLDNUG
Load URL Video
Sample llhttpget from ASP.NET
Sample XML/RPC using ASP.NET
Sample BrowseAmp Winamp Controller

Sample 1-Basic llHTTPRequest "Question" Script and ASP.NET "Answer" Page:
Sample ASP.NET "Answer" Page ready to reply to the request from inside Second Life
*Note-The response body is limited to 2048 bytes; if it is longer it will be truncated. Strip out all HTML and CSS to maximize your returned data.
Sample llHTTPRequest LSL Script that "Questions" the above ASP.NET page and displays the returned text in world
*Note-To use this script rezz (create) an object inworld using the Build console and use either the Inventory console to create a script or click on the prims Edit pallette and select the Content tab and click New Script. Paste the script code in the link above and click save and you should see the returned text appear above the prim.

Raster/Vector 2D Graphics Resources:
Texture Samples
Texture Align Video
.NET Wood texture Generator

3D Resources:
Wings3D Second Life Exporter
Archimedes CAD
Avimator Guide
Auditorium Design Handbook
Mesh/Animations Resources

Audio/Video/Presentation Software/Scripts:
Browse Amp
Select Stream Video

Platform Hardware/Networking Resources:
Microsoft TechNet Second Life Website
Microsoft TechNet In World Group

Alternate Virtual Worlds:
Open Sim
Open Life Grid
G2 Open Sim
Sun Project Wonderland
G2 Project Wonderland Sim
World of Kaneva


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Join the group by searching ".Net Developers" in the Groups tab in Second Life.