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Free Disney Travel Games for Kids,0,400,300
When planning a family vacation or road trip, keeping your children entertained during the long car ride can be just as important as deciding what to pack in your suitcases. Music and reading materials can only last so many hours until your kids become bored and antsy from sitting in the car. Luckily, there are fun game ideas that you can play with your family while taking that road trip.

Two Minute Tens

  • In order to play this game, one player challenges the rest of the players in the car to compose a list of ten Disney-related items in a given category. The person chooses the category and allows the others to name ten things in that group. Categories can be anything from movies to characters to types of animals. The players receive points for every item they come up with. The player with the most points wins.

Disney Car Colors

  • Another enjoyable game to play in the car with your kids is Disney Car Colors. Allow your kids to choose a common color from the cars that pass by on the road. In one minute, the participants have to name as many Disney-related things are that colour, such as Mickey’s gloves for white, or Goofy’s pants for blue. The player with the highest number of items named wins the round.

Sing It Out

  • If your family likes to sing then this travel game is perfect for your next road trip. The first player sings a verse from a Disney song such as “Hakuna Matata”. The next player must repeat the verse, leaving off the last word. The following player leaves off the last two words and the game continues in this fashion. Your family members must sing the song correctly on their first try or else they are out. The singing continues around the car until no words are left. The last player remaining who sings correctly the entire game wins.

I Have Never

  • Players go around the car, one by one, saying Disney-related things that they have never done. They can be simple such as never seeing a certain Disney movie or worn Mickey Mouse ears. You earn one point every time you can successfully say “I have never…” The goal of this game is to name something that you think others in the car have done to prevent them from scoring points by repeating your ideas. The player with the most points after six rounds wins.