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How to Find the Best Moving Truck Rentals at the Best Price

Find the best moving truck rentals at the best price to ease the stress of moving house.

When it’s time to move, you can save money by renting a moving truck yourself instead of hiring movers who use their own truck. Enlist family and friends or hire movers to help you load and unload. Either way, you’ll save money over hiring full service movers.


  1. Decide what you’ll be moving. Make a list of all furniture and estimate the number of boxes you’ll need to move. Remember to include patio furniture, lawn mowers, and any other items that aren’t necessarily in your house.
  2. Make a short list of moving truck rental companies to call. These may include Penske, Budget, U-Haul, Ryder, among others.
  3. Be prepared to speak to moving truck rental representatives with a general idea of this information:
    • Prepare a list of all of your furniture and the estimated number of boxes and how large the boxes are (how many of each by approximate size).
    • Know the approximate number of miles you’ll be traveling with the truck rental.
    • Decide if you need a car carrier or tow dolly to rent also.
    • Age of all drivers of the moving truck.
    • What the policy is on insurance for the moving truck.
  4. Speak with moving truck rentals. Have a separate sheet of paper prepared for each moving truck rental company that includes this general information (to be filled out partially by you before speaking to the moving truck company and to partially be filled in while speaking to the representative):
    • name of moving truck rental company
    • phone number of each company
    • representative’s name you speak with
    • miles of your move (local or long distance, figure the approximate miles)
    • condition of the truck, its age, whether it has air conditioning, etc.
    • date of move, renting a truck early or in the middle of the month may be cheaper than at the end of the month
    • move destination (address of old and new homes)
    • list of of furniture, boxes, and other possessions to be moved
    • quote for moving truck rentals
  5. Shop online for to find the best moving truck rentals at the best price if you want more quotes to choose from. Search using ‘moving truck rentals’ to find companies other than the ones you called in person.

    Some websites have you enter your information into a website form, then they email you a moving truck rental quote. Be prepared and have the same information handy as in Step 4 to complete the online form.

  6. Compare the quotes. Try to compare apples to apples. Use the information to make a decision for renting the best truck for your move.