Grab wins the Best Everyday App Award at SA 2020

Sldnug – Grab won the Best Everyday App prize at the Selular Award 2020, held virtually Wednesday (19/8). This performance knocked down a number of nominations, including Ovo, Gojek and Tokopedia.

Of the three nominations, Selular values ​​all current Grab services with this award. There are at least 19 types of services that can fulfill both daily activities and in certain situations. Based on shopping needs, there are, for example, the services Grab Mart and Grab Belanjaan.

In it, users can provide for kitchen needs such as vegetables, meat or just herbs. Grab not only offers one brand, but also different types of brands, even for one product.

If users want to order food only, Grab has a Grab Food feature. Users only need to order the food they want from the nearest restaurant and the driver partner will deliver to the address stated in the application.

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Travel needs are also met by Grab by offering 3 types of transportation services including Grab Bike, Grab Car and Grab eScooter. All three have different services. Unlike Grab Car and Bike, eScooter gives users the freedom to drive their own scooters.

Amid the current Covid-19 pandemic, Grab also offers its driver partners special health protocols. Thus, it guarantees a level of comfort for users to feel safe even when using the Grab Bike or Grab Car means of transport.

Home health care is also not escaping Grab’s attention. With the Clean and Fix service, Grab is there to help users maintain cleanliness or provide electronic repair services. Of course, pay attention to the standard health protocols again.

Speaking of health, Grab has a health function, which can provide health advice. Users can also purchase medicines and health products, find specific specialists, and make medical appointments with doctors.

To make it easier for users, Grab also has other services including Grab Hotel, Grab Ticket, Grab Bill, Grab Lokawisata, Grab delivery, Grab Insurance, Grab Assistant and Grab Gift Card. Also present are the highly anticipated features, namely the Grab Savings Package and the Grab Promo, which offer a range of attractive promotions, such as cashback when purchasing food through Grab Food.

With a range of features that can meet these everyday needs, it’s no wonder Grab won Selular’s Best Everyday App award. The Selular Award assessment was conducted by the editorial team, as well as an online survey on the SELULAR.ID website from July 15 to August 15, 2020. The survey managed to capture more than 500 respondents from across the archipelago.

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