Halodoc Wins Best Digital Covid-19 Program at SA 2020

Sldnug – The rise of the Covid-19 pandemic is a challenge in itself for the industry, especially for health platforms, which do play an important role. Seeing this, Selular.ID rated Halodoc as the best Covid-19 digital program in the 2020 Selular Award event.

Halodoc is one step ahead of the other 3 nominees, such as CloudX, GrabProtect and TikTok. Undoubtedly, this health platform has a series of dedicated digital programs during the pandemic, until it enters a transition period like today.

The company has implemented official protocols by inviting the public to remote health consultations and by facilitating the need for drugs and other medical devices. This program even works directly with the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (KemKominfo).

Halodoc has published at least 3-4 educational content every day that is accessible to the public on the Halodoc platform, especially related to prevention efforts such as the importance of physical distance from the myths and facts that are widely reported in the community Scattered.

Now users can also independently check the risk of Covid-19 through the shuffle card in the application. Launched on March 13, the service has been approached by 2.3 million users with more than 22,000 licensed physicians who are members of the Halodoc ecosystem, while 1,000 physicians have been specifically assigned to provide consultations related to Covid-19.

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In addition, Halodoc presents a telemedicine service at PeduliLindung, an application initiated by the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo) to track the spread of COVID-19 in Indonesia.

This telemedicine service allows people to stay connected with doctors online to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. There is also a Tele-doctor option in the menu or enter via the self-check button in the main menu and then enter Halodoc in the Physician consultation section.

Halodoc’s latest program, which provides Covid-19 testing services, has also cemented its position as the best digital Covid-19 program. In particular, the collaboration with a number of hospitals in providing rapid tests (rapid tests) and PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) tests or better known as the Covid-19 swab test.

Through this partnership, the general public can easily order online care packages and Covid-19 tests via the Halodoc application from April 20, 2020.

Currently, this partnership has been established with more than 20 hospitals spanning Jabodetabek to Karawang, including Mitra Keluarga Hospital, St. Hospital. Carolus, Mayapada Hospital, Primaya Hospital and Bina Husada Cibinong Hospital.

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