List of prizes awarded during the Selular Award 2020

Sldnug – This year’s Selular Award is a different moment from previous years. Pandemics don’t break our minds. That’s why this time the event was held virtually, via the YouTube Cellular TV channel.

In support of the Indonesian telecommunications industry, Selular Media Group will host the 17th Selular Award 2020 ceremony on Wednesday, August 19, 2020 at 13.00-14.30 WIB through YouTube Cellular TV channel.

The prizes awarded are:

1. Best camera smartphone
2. Best gaming smartphone
3. Best video smartphone
4. Most valuable smartphone
5. Smartphone of the year
6. Best 4G Services
7. Best Bundling Program
8. Best data package
9. Best digital services
10. Best internet for the home
11. Best 5G innovation technology
12. Best 5G solution
13. Best IOT technology
14. Best e-commerce
15. Best mobile payment
16. Most favorite game
17. Best Marketing Campaign
18. CEO of the year
and much more

Can you guess which products will be nominated and win each of the above awards? Make sure to set the alarm to watch the Selular Award 2020 screening next week.

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