Sony releases PlayStation 5 teaser

Sldnug – As promised, Sony will soon release the successor to the PlayStation 4 game console. This is evident from the upload from Sony that released the first teaser of PS 5.

Entitled “Play Has No Limits”, the released video has a duration of less than 1 minute. The video shows the three-dimensional audio capabilities of the PS 5, which is claimed to be able to present a more realistic sound.

In addition, the video also shows the superior features that Dualsense brings, namely in the form of haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. Haptic feedback would give a different sense of play through a controller that adapts to the situation in the game.

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Especially for the adaptive triggers function on the L2 and R2 DualSense buttons. This feature would be able to provide a thicker feedback sensation in the game.

Interestingly, Sony has also released a video with Indonesian subtitles with similar content. The video will be uploaded after the first teaser is released.

Sony is predicted to reveal more and more leaks before launch. Although the first teaser is doing the rounds, it is not yet known when Sony will release the PlayStation 5 game console, but it is certain that it will be released this year (2020).

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