The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is predicted to have a 108 MP camera

Sldnug – Although Samsung recently released the Galaxy S20, news about its successor is already circulating. This was evident from the leaked specifications.

It is said that a device that will probably be called the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, just like its predecessor, the S20 Ultra, will get a 108 Megapixel camera. However, the S21 Ultra version comes with a new sensor.

This information was echoed by a popular leaker through his Twitter account @iceuniverse. The tweet says that the new sensor to be built in is the successor to the ISOCELL Bright HM1.

It is predicted that this new sensor will be used not only by Samsung but also by other smartphone vendors that also have Flagship devices.

In addition, the flagship Galaxy S21 device is said to support fast charging. According to the Vietnamese leaker, the Galaxy S21 Ultra supports 60W fast charging.

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If true, the S21 will bring a breath of fresh air as the Galaxy S20 Ultra only supports 45W fast charging. Surprisingly, however, the new Galaxy Note20 Ultra only supports 25W fast charging.

Still, Samsung is expected to add support for fast charging to its devices, especially from next year, many vendors will include fast charging, as reported by Gizmochina, Thursday (8/20).

Keep in mind that the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S21 have not been confirmed so far, although sometimes they are not missed.

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