Especially for suspicious accounts, Instagram asks for identity verification

Sldnug – Instagram is taking new steps to wipe out bots as well as other users. The social media network said it would ask some users to verify their identity if they were suspected of engaging in “potentially inauthentic behavior.”

Instagram emphasizes that the new policy will not affect most users, but focuses on accounts that appear suspicious.

“This includes accounts that may be exhibiting coordinated inauthentic behavior, or when we see that the majority of someone’s followers are in a country other than their location, or if we find signs of automation, such as bot accounts,” Instagram wrote, as quoted as saying by Engadget, Sunday (8/16).

Under the new rules, these accounts must verify their identity by submitting an identity card, such as a KTP.

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If not, the company says it can downgrade their posts on the Instagram feed or even disable their account completely.

The change comes as Facebook and Instagram have stepped up their efforts to combat misinformation in the run-up to the 2020 election. Previously, Facebook already had a similar policy requiring some people to verify their accounts.

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