Reasons Apple and Google are removing Fortnite Games

Sldnug – Apple announced its decision to remove Fortnite games from the App Store app store. Apple’s decision was not without reason, as Epic Games had taken an unfortunate step as a developer for violating the App Store guidelines.

As SlashGear reports, the Fortnite update will allow players to purchase in-game currency at a lower price when purchasing directly from Epic Games. If the purchase takes place in the Apple ecosystem, there is a standard 30% discount on the sale.

Epic enables features in its app that have not been reviewed or approved by Apple, and they do so with the intent of violating the App Store in-app payment guidelines that apply to any developer selling digital goods or services.

This decision marks the escalation of the dispute between Epic Games and Apple. This problem also comes at a very difficult time for Apple regarding the issue of the App Store monopoly and the rules it imposes on certain developers.

According to Epic Games, iPhone players who have installed the Fortnite game will still be able to play until the next update. After that, some functions will be lost.

Fortnite users on Mac will also not be affected as that version will not use the App Store.

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Apple’s decision, reportedly, has been moving forward. The game developer has reportedly taken the case to court. Epic Games then sued Apple for monopoly charges and posted a protest video that aired on YouTube. The company also called on the hashtag #FreeFortnite to invite Fortnite fans to support its fight against Apple.

On the other hand, Google seems to be removing Fortnite from Google Play as well. Epic Games has also reportedly implemented its own payment system in the Android version of Fortnite, leading Google to take similar action and remove the game from the Play Store. Android users can still download Fortnite with Epic’s app launcher, which is independently distributed through a mobile web browser.

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