Trophi Selular Award: Symbol of the DNA ecosystem

SldnugTree the cellular industry that began in 1997 sparked a trend in society. Everyone wants to know information about the development of mobile phones. With a high demand, mobile phone usage has grown tremendously in line with the affordable SIM prices Map and these products on the market.

The growing number of mobile phone users requires a special media presence to review mobile phones. In March 2000, Majalah Selular first greeted readers.

As the first media outlets to review telecommunications information, Selular’s presence immediately received great response from readers and industry alike.

As part of innovation while maintaining relationships with industry, regulators and stakeholders others feel the need to hold an annual event. So in 2003 the Selular Award (SA) was presented. This event is a form of cellular appreciation for business people in this field.

Such as telecom operators, service providers, mobile phone vendors, network technology companies and other support companies, for their contribution to society with the best service. The presence of SA is also an attempt to encourage healthy competition among industry players.

Since its inception, SA has been welcomed by industry circles as it can become a parameter and performance performance, enhancing its reputation brand / company, encourage consumer loyalty and increase sales.

SA turned 17 in 2020. Referring to a fairly long time span, it is no exaggeration if SA reflects the portrait of the cellular industry as it carries strategic industry 2G (1995), 3G (2007) and 4G (2015) technologies.

This year the SA event is ready to be held again. Exactly on Wednesday 19 August 2020. Unlike the previous events, this time the event took place virtually channel YouTube mobile TV.

The Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic that hit Indonesia in Indonesia since March last year and showed no signs of diminishing so far has made it impossible for SA 2020 implementation to proceed normally. However, this does not detract from the weight of the Selular Award 2020.

With the regular implementation without interruption since 2003, it is only natural that the Selular Award bears the title “The first and most consistent“.

Such as SA 2019, in SA 2020 trophy or trophy given to the winner is different. It used to be in the shape of an Oscar, now the shape is three hexagonal cells overlapping each other.

This trophy shape represents a transformed mobile industry, from previously basic services (SMS and voice) to the development of data services and applications thanks to the presence of fast internet.

This state gave rise to a new ecosystem, known as DNA (device, network, application). As a result, the three hexagonal cells in the Selular Award trophy actually symbolize the relationship between the three DNA elements.

It can be concluded that the progress of the ICT industry in the country is reflected in the development of the three pillars. So that it requires close cooperation of each party for mutual progress. It is of course also about the government as main driver with regulations that support industrial development.

Now with the growth of a DNA-based digital ecosystem, several award categories for the Selular Award 2020 have been prepared. Such as devices, operators, applications, digital services and network technology.

Who is the winner in each category? Don’t miss out on the SA 2020 event channel Youtube Selular TV, next August 19.

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