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Sldnug – digital music streaming service, podcast and video Spotify, which adds a new feature to its service, which is bedtime. This feature allows Spotify users on Android to set a sleep time so that they can listen to music from music streaming services until they fall asleep.

Rather than waking its users to fun and upbeat morning music from Spotify, Bedtime can set a timer for a slow, soothing soundtrack that lulls the user to sleep.

As Hindustantimes reported, Spotify’s new feature also allows users to select playlists from previously curated apps. This can be selected if the user does not have a lullaby option.

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On the other hand, users can also choose any audio content, be it a mix of different music genres or a podcast that can accompany the user to sleep.

Users can also choose between music or podcasts or even the sound of rain or environmental waves – as long as they are available on Spotify.

You can also go to Spotify first and create a playlist and then adjust the Sleep Time function through the Clock app. Choose a softer sound that will make you fall asleep faster than stay awake.

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