Creative video feature for budding content creators

Sldnug – Becoming a content creator (content creator) is what most young people dream of today. You can also become a content creator provided you are good at producing various forms of content, from images, illustrations, photos, sound recordings to videos. The development of social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and TikTok makes it easier for you to upload your creations. These three platforms are the most popular and are often used by young people today.

According to HubSpot Inc. turns out that creating content is not as easy as most people think. A content creator must be able to present entertaining as well as educational content to capture viewers’ attention. In a situation like today, the trending content is the video format.

Anyone can do content at any location, one of them is at home. You can create and upload content even with just a smartphone and internet data. Interesting content should be creative, fun and have distinctive features so that it can grab the audience’s attention and draw visitor traffic.

For a beginner, a smartphone is a fairly capable tool for producing video content. Moreover, the recording function of modern smartphones is more complete to meet the content creation needs. One of them is OPPO Reno4, which was just released on August 6, 2020, and it comes with an innovative update in the videography field.

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To create video content, OPPO Reno4 presents the Ultra Steady Video 3.0 feature that offers three different stabilization modes. For the first time, the OPPO Reno4 front camera is equipped with the electronic image stabilization algorithm (EIS).

In addition, the Ultra Steady Video Pro feature enables video recording with the ultra wide-angle rear camera. You will also find it easier to record very stable video of various high intensity activities such as when objects are running, roller skating, skateboarding and cycling.

Videos with pop art style colors are also a new trend among young people. OPPO Reno4 also presents this feature through AI Monochrome Video, which is supported by the Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature.

With this feature, you no longer need to use third-party video editing applications to edit black and white image backgrounds and display only certain colors of objects in the video. AI Color Portrait on OPPO Reno4 can be easily used to display the actual color of objects against a black and white background.

The presence of the standard SoLoop application that makes it easier for you to create videos or combine fragments of images into an attractive video clip with just one tap. SoLoop offers a video editing feature that can automatically cut and sync recordings with changing music tunes, and there is even an option to add subtitles or video titles to make it even more interesting.

With the various functions offered by OPPO Reno4, you can now become a content creator to produce content that looks different from other creators so that it catches the attention of your followers on social media. Come on, it’s time to get creative!

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