Tips for recording professional videos on Samsung Galaxy Note20 series

Sldnug – Creating high quality videos can now be done from a smartphone. With the right equipment, users can create like a professional videographer. One of them is thanks to the Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy Note20 Ultra.

Yes, the camera-to-microphone on the Galaxy Note20 duo has been developed with an emphasis on improving the quality of video recording. The audio component gets the major improvement over previous generations of the Galaxy Note series.

The ability to record audio is the most special feature in the Pro Video mode of the Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy Note20 Ultra. Users can adjust the focus on the direction of the sound to create their own effects based on the resulting video.

There are three user-selectable audio capture options, namely rear, front, and omni. This feature is thanks to the three microphones owned by the latest Galaxy Note combo that surrounds the smartphone’s body.

Moreover, users can also see the input level of the audio in real time while recording. The user can instantly adjust the input level by increasing or decreasing the volume.

In addition to maximizing the audio input through the microphone, the latest Samsung devices also provide a better experience when recording audio through the earbuds. Users can use the Galaxy Buds Live as a pin microphone with a sound quality not inferior to the microphone built into the smartphone.

The recorded voice can be heard very clearly, even when speaking in the midst of noise or in an open environment. The Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy Note20 Ultra offer a camera feature that allows users, whoever they are, to shoot videos like a pro.

Tips and tricks for making the best videos

To record videos like a professional movie, Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy Note20 Ultra are equipped with Controlling Zoom Speed ​​feature. This feature allows users to adjust the zoom speed when recording video.

Do you want to produce a bokeh effect in the background of the recorded subject or object? Users can zoom slowly to focus on the recorded subject or object. How about creating the dramatic effect of the characters we want to portray? Users can quickly zoom in on the face of the character you want to highlight.

In addition, Samsung also offers various video recording options, ranging from recording in 8K quality to creating slow-motion videos up to 24fps. Speaking of slow motion, users can create these videos by recording slow motion videos from scratch or changing the speed of regular videos.

The Speed ​​Control feature in the video editor allows users to highlight emotional feelings, from standard speed video to slow motion. The video results also remain smooth even though the speed is set 4 times slower.

Not only that, for the first time Samsung allows users to record video at 120 fps with very smooth picture quality, supported by a screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

When recording at 120 fps, the smartphone camera can record scenes smoothly even if the subject or object being recorded is moving very fast.

All the video recording capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy Note20 Ultra are of course inseparable from the best camera specifications embedded in the Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy Note20 Ultra.

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 is equipped with three cameras, each with 12 MP wide angle lens, 64 MP telephoto lens and 12 MP ultra wide angle lens. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra has three cameras with a 108 MP wide angle lens, 12 MP ultra wide angle lens and 12 MP telescopic lens.

Indonesian consumers who want to own the Samsung Galaxy Note20 series can make direct reservations from 6 August to 19 August 2020.

The Galaxy Note20 costs 14,499,000 IDR, while the Galaxy Note20 Ultra 256GB variant costs 17,999,000 IDR, while the 512GB variant costs 19,999,000 IDR.

To participate in pre-orders or get more information, you can visit Samsung’s pre-order site at as well as several e-commerce partners who have worked with Samsung namely Lazada, JD.ID, Blibli, Shopee, Tokopedia, Eraspace, Bukalapak, Akulaku,, Dinomarket and Globalteleshop.

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