Play games without lag thanks to 8 GB RAM on Galaxy Note20 series

Sldnug – Playing games on smartphones is becoming a trend among young people. From casual games to heavy games such as Mobile Legend, PUBG or Fortnite, which are full of graphics.

For heavy games, of course, a large RAM is required, from hundreds of megabytes to 2 GB. Therefore, a device with a large memory is needed to be able to play mobile games without delay.

Large RAM is one of the most important keys to getting the maximum experience playing games while performing other tasks without worrying about performance degradation.

At Samsung, for example, from connecting the Samsung DeX Wireless to connecting to online work meetings, things will still run smoothly thanks to the Exynos 990 processor backed by 8GB LPDDR5 RAM used by the Galaxy Note20 Ultra.

Taufiqul Furqan Mobile Product Marketing Manager for Samsung Mobile, Samsung Electronics Indonesia said, “In developing its product attitude, Samsung always puts the user experience first.”

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The RAM capabilities that Samsung presents in each generation not only improve the capacity but also improve the performance based on the latest technology used.

The Galaxy Note20 Ultra uses RAM with a capacity of 8GB using LPDDR5 technology upgraded from the previous series using LPDDR4x technology.

While memory size is quite important when discussing RAM, don’t forget the importance of data transfer speed, which is equally important. LPDDR5 generally has a speed of 6,400 Mb / s, which is 50% faster compared to the speed of LPDDR4X, which is 4266 Mb / s.

And interestingly, the higher speed of LPDDR5 RAM uses even 30% more energy efficiently compared to LPDDR4X.

This, in turn, will contribute to the performance that affects a device’s ability to multi-task, as well as the implementation of smart functions on the device.

“Before we launched it, we tested our 8GB LPDDR5 device and found that this capability is a good choice for smartphones, especially when used for everyday purposes to support users to do things even better: be it with Samsung DeX is. Accompanied by Samsung Notes, but also playing games while replying to messages on Whatsapp, and lots of fun while playing so that users don’t have to worry about performance, “concluded Taufik.

Indonesian consumers who want to own the Samsung Galaxy Note20 series can make direct reservations from 6 August to 19 August 2020.

The Galaxy Note20 has a price of 14,499,000 IDR. While the Galaxy Note20 Ultra 256GB variant is priced at IDR 17,999,000, and the 512GB variant is priced at IDR 19,999,000.

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