Oyo Hotel launches Cinta Coffee Shop

Sldnug – In response to the development of coffee culture and the increasing demand for F&B products in its hotel chain, Oyo Hotels and Homes launched an independent coffee brand called ‘Kopi Cinta’. As Oyo’s newest branch outside of the property, Kopi Cinta is now ready to serve coffee connoisseurs through 30 outlets across Indonesia.

Eko Bramantyo, Country Head of Emerging Business, Oyo Indonesia, said: “In the midst of this pandemic, we as industry players need to be constantly more innovative, both in meeting the changing needs of consumers and in terms of business strategy. At Oyo we see the coffee culture growing rapidly across Indonesia. In addition, there is an increasing demand for F&B products from guests from our hotels in different parts of Indonesia. “

Building on this state of affairs, Eko continued, Oyo took the initiative to seize opportunities by presenting new business lines, which are expected to be a source of additional income for partners interested in opening this Kopi Cinta facility.

While this prediction is certainly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Industry and Ministry of Tourism have made efforts to revitalize the coffee industry through the # SatuDalamKopi campaign.

The Industry Minister himself stated that the government remains optimistic to revive the local coffee industry in the midst of this pandemic, with several innovative breakthroughs.

“We want to participate in efforts to revitalize the Indonesian coffee industry, which is why Kopi Cinta is here by using the Oyo hotel chain in Indonesia as a distribution chain for high quality coffee drinks. In addition, Kopi Cinta’s presence is expected to increase the stay experience for Oyo guests will further improve and increase the choice of quality coffee among coffee connoisseurs in Indonesia, ”said Eko Bramantyo.

Kopi Cinta’s beverage products are made using automatic coffee machine technology to ensure the quality and consistency of the coffee drinks delivered.

In addition, Kopi Cinta also works with Primo Coffee as a strategic partner in setting operational standards, providing barista training, and purchasing equipment and supplies of raw materials.

To reach consumers outside of Oyo hotel guests, Kopi Cinta also partners with Go-food and Grabfood to provide online delivery services for people who want to order Kopi Cinta without having to come to the outlet location.

Currently, there are 30 Kopi Cinta outlets available in Oyo hotels directly managed by Oyo (Self-Operated Business / SOB).

Going forward, Oyo will continue to add Kopi Cinta outlets in its hotel chain. Oyo is also opening up opportunities for existing Oyo hotel partners to join and open a Kopi Cinta outlet in their hotel with an initial investment cost of 3 million rupiah (machine and starter pack), with no additional space or staff required.

Additionally, Kopi Cinta caters to the needs of Oyo guests to enjoy modern coffee at a more affordable price with no additional shipping costs, and is guaranteed to be more hygienic as it is served directly by the Oyo hotel staff.

“In the midst of this pandemic, we continue to strive to keep our hotel partner business going. Now, through this latest business innovation, we provide an opportunity that enables partners to earn additional income beyond housing,” said Eko.

“With technology support and Oyo’s network distribution channels, we are optimistic that the presence of Kopi Cinta could also be an incentive to revitalize this hospitality industry,” concluded Eko Bramantyo.

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